Thank You to the Los Altos High School Junior Class of 2016!!

Have Faith Be Strong would like to thank the entire 2016 junior class of Los Altos High School for their generous contribution to our organization while celebrating their Junior Prom! This contribution is the largest single donation our organization has ever received to date! Thank you!

Specifically the following amazing young gentlemen listed below for their idea from start to finish and taking real action to help us fulfill our mission of enriching the lives of children and families affected by childhood cancer.

Jalen and Breanna would be very proud and honored as well to have met such an great group of young men.

Specifically; Tyler Grant, Jordan Auerbach, Lee Staufenbiel, Ryan Young, Cooper Cornell, and Kyle Godfrey.

The amazing check presentation as well as the largest donation to Have Faith Be Strong to date!

Back row: Tyler Grant,, Jordan Auerback, Lee Staufenbiel, Ryan Young, Cooper Cornell, Kyle Godfrey. Front row: Jennifer, Bailey, Samuel and Lance Thayer



Prom anyone?

Hello everyone,

Have Faith Be Strong is looking forward to being the chosen recipient of Los Altos High School’s Junior Prom ticket sales this May 2016. More details will be coming soon!


Jennifer Thayer

Do you feel like shopping at

Hello Everybody,
We just wanted to let you know that if you shop online at you a small percentage of your total can go to Have Faith Be Strong. Here is the link:

Thank you very much for your support!! We are working hard to help families like ours was and is in honor of our two angels in heaven Jalen and Breanna Thayer.

Jeni Thayer.

Off to a New Start………

Many of our followers may already know that we have relocated back to our home; Southern California. It is here where we feel “ready” to move forward in our lives for different reasons. Here in and near Long Beach, CA we have an amazing community of people who knew Jalen Matthew Thayer and some knew Breanna Elise Thayer. When we talk about Jalen or Breanna, which we so often do, people with whom we are conversing actually know them; it helps.

Of course I can talk till I am blue in the face about any of my children, and when speaking about Jalen or Breanna it is very nice if the person with whom I am speaking knows what I am saying to a large degree because they were lucky enough to know Jalen or both of them!

Once our family decided to re-locate, again, and began packing what came to my mind so often was “yes, we are chosing to move back to our home and this packing needs to get done………. but really we should be packing and preparing for Jalen to go off to college like every other graduated senior with whom Jalen knew.” That was the saddest part of our move; our oldest son should be going off to college and much of our summer would have been devoted to spending time together, and preparing to send off our first born baby boy.

I would like to say congratulations to all of Jalens friends and fellow peers who are going off to college this fall. Many are leaving in the next week or two! My son Jalen would be going off to college too! He had his sights set on Stanford and if you knew Jalen then you know his chance of getting in would be like anyother scholar athlete………………and better! I said it! Jalen had all of the it factors one needs to succeed in life, and more. In fact, one of his nurses who had also cared for his baby sister Breanna had a contact at Stanford University. When Jalen was put on hospice and told he is going to die soon he told this nurse and the doctor who came to visit him that he would be ok. He also told them “thank you for taking care of me.” Well, Jalen never got to see the letter which came in the mail after he passed away and one that we framed and put up at his funeral, but he was granted admission into Stanford University when his health allowed him to do so. I will post the letter soon. We cried when we read it. We cried alot. And it does not matter if it was just under the circumstances or not; he was an honored admit to the University of his dreams.

As the days coming up come and go and Jalens peers are beginning a new adventure in their lives I know hope and pray they will remember my son Jalen! And to all of the parents who are experiencing a world of different emotions as their children leave for school I know you all understand how truly blessed you are to be able to say goodbye and I’ll see you again soon (maybe even at parent weekend) to your once babies……………… And best of luck to all of you in this transition in all of your lives. I only wish I could experience it myself with my boy.

I will say he deserved to be here and get to go off to college if Cancer didn’t interupt his life. But he would say something like “having cancer has made me a stronger person and while I am happy for my friends………….. God has decided he will teach me all I need to know in Heaven. He must need me there.” Gosh I miss my first born son. I love you Jalen! You are attending the University of Heaven………………….. the best place to exist for eternity!!!!!

Love Mommy

PS: I have been told many people will not read this long post. So if you stuck with it, thank you for listening. I really appreciate it. Writing is therapeutic for me and so when I can get it out in good enough form I do.

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